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International and Domestic Wire Transfers (incoming and outgoing)

The wire transfer service at Unicash Mercantile is the safest and fastest way to send funds domestically and around the world. At Unicash Mercantile you take advantage of our vast correspondent bank network, either to securely send funds to another country, or to receive incoming payments on your behalf.

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Exchange of Major Valuable Currencies

Unicash Mercantile will save you money through better exchange rates on major currencies, with no commissions, and without hidden fees. Our main goal is to provide foreign exchange the way you need it – secure, personal and hassle-free.

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Spot Trades and Advance Orders

At Unicash Mercantile you have the flexibility to either book a spot trade, i.e., for same or next day settlement, or you may have the choice of arranging an advance order for future settlement.

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Up-to-the-minute Quotes and Advice

In such a dynamic market, you’ll always get the best up-to-the-minute quote. As foreign exchange rates may change very rapidly, we will be watching the quotes on your behalf and provide the most complete information on the markets. You may choose an optimal quote, and we’ll diligently watch the markets to possibly fill your order. 

We Offer Flexible Payment Options:



Drafts are safe and may be used domestically or internationally. Please make drafts payable to Unicash Mercantile.



Please make cheques payable to Unicash Mercantile. We don’t accept third-party or double-endorsed cheques. We reserve the right to request the cheque to be certified.


Direct Bank Deposits

Funds may be credited to Unicash Mercantile’s bank account electronically, ensuring a fast settlement option.



Funds may be wired instantly and safely to Unicash Mercantile. You’ll need our wiring instructions form, to be provided to the bank wiring the funds.

Steps for Placing an Order:


Call our direct trading room phone line to get a quote and/or book a rate and arrange a payment option.


Send the details regarding your order. Information can be transmitted to us via phone upon booking, fax or e-mail.


Receive a prompt and confidential confirmation from us.


Sign and fax/e-mail the confirmation to us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I use Unicash Mercantile and not a regular bank?

Unicash Mercantile will save you money through better exchange rates, no commissions and no hidden fees.  You’ll always receive a personal and efficient service as well.

Are there any transaction fees?

There are no fees for foreign exchange transactions, with the exception of a flat rate charged to send wires.

Can I get interbank rates or a better rate for large quantity orders?

Interbank rates are quoted between large international banks on multimillion dollar transactions.  Banks typically add a substantial mark up when dealing with clients.  We offer the best foreign exchange rates. Regardless of size, each transaction will be reviewed individually to provide the most competitive rate.

How much time in advance do I need to order foreign currency or book a wire transaction?

We can accommodate most foreign currency transactions on the same day. Wires should be booked no later than 3PM for same day processing. Note that large foreign currency orders should be placed at least one day in advance.

When am I required to provide ID and what is acceptable?
  • Unicash Mercantile is committed to adhering to all regulatory requirements as set out by the Financial Transactions and Report Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC –
  • ID is also required when opening an account with Unicash Mercantile.
  • Acceptable IDs include Driver’s Licence, Passport or other acceptable government documents (Provincial Health Cards are not accepted).