Retail Outlets

Unicash retail outlets

“You need cash! You’ve got it!”

Unicash retail outlets meet the demand of thousands of customers who need better service and greater convenience than traditional banks provide. We are committed to a high level of customer service with competitively-priced hassle-free financial products.

With the ability to cater to several financial needs all at once, we provide a fast and friendly service. For your convenience, Unicash outlets offer extended hours, closing as late as 9:00pm during weekdays, and also opening on weekends.

Unicash prides itself on having its outlets cash virtually every kind of cheque at one of the most competitive rates in the Canadian cheque cashing industry. Unlike banks that usually place holds on cheques, our customers have immediate access to their cash.

In addition to cashing cheques, the Unicash outlets offer a variety of other services such as Western Union money transfer, currency exchange, bill payments, sale of money orders and mail box rentals, just to name a few.