Retail Services

Unicash retail outlets offer a wide range of services at one of the most competitive rates in the Canadian industry.

Cheque Cashing

We cash all kinds of cheques, including post dated, US dollars, government, personal and payroll, at a low cost starting at 2½ cents per dollar plus a transaction fee of $3.99. There are no holds and it's much cheaper than other marts. Get more cash for your cheque at Unicash

Small Business

We cash cheques made payable to your small business. Our attractive rate for most cheques of 2.5% of the face value plus a $3.99 transaction fee, can be allocated as a business expense.

Money Wire Transfers

Unicash locations are authorized agents of Western Union. You can send and receive money electronically to thousands of locations worldwide.

Money Orders

Available in Canadian or US funds, you can use them to pay bills, or for any other goods or services. Our fee for money orders is a fraction of what is charged by the banks or Canada Post, and substantially lower than our competition.

Currency Exchange

We buy and sell US$funds, Euros and British Pounds with no commission at lower rates than the banks, and our competition.

Bill Payment

We accept payment for all types of bills, including: utilities, credit cards, charge cards, cable companies, ISP's and many more.

Mail Boxes

We rent mailboxes monthly or yearly at very competitive rates. Whether temporarily or for a long term, this is a very convenient service.


Pre-paid phone cards, faxing, photocopying, TTC tickets*, ABM's*.

* not available in all locations